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               Grades 7th Through 10th for Both Boys and Girls

The Essential Life Skills for Success program is a NEW and unique concept

 has been written by the Gollatz Team of Directors

for the more mature student. The young adults will learn and practice life skills that are not taught anywhere else but are vital for life's success. 



Altadena, Camarillo, Claremont, Long Beach, Mulholland (The Valley),

San Diego, San Juan Capistrano, Tustin Ranch, Valencia and more are being added!


*Listed below by "class" the subjects instructed by event.

Some of the Life Skills programs have been modified to fit individual communities requests. 

Essential Life Skills For Success 

Please call (800) 832-4574 for exact dates and location

The Gollatz office is available to answer questions or to register your student

 Class #1

The Social instruction: 

Social Instruction: How to introduce yourself to others, begin a conversation and continue the conversation with “small talk”. Different handshakes and their meanings, direct eye-contact with others, where do you place your name tag? how to correctly address an envelope to mail, responding to an invitation and gifting the appropriate  gift, how to write a thank you note, how to read an analogue clock, the commanding of 911, how to shut off your utilities at home. *Please note dress code. 

 Class #2
 Class #3
 Class #4

The Social Instruction: 

How to read a measuring cup and spoon (we will be mixing and preparing something fun!), how to sew a button, different dress codes, how to write a resume, understanding and navigating a bank check. *Please note dress code.

The Social Instruction:

Social Instruction: The table setting, where the  different utensils are located, how to correctly use a fork and knife, tipping,  debit card, ATM cards statements,  money management ( how to make change), surcharges, how to read and dissect an inch of measurement.  *Please note dress code.

The Social Instruction:

 The self-defense  class will be instructed by Detective Floyd Blue of the Rialto Police   Department. Detective Blue has 20+ years’ experience on the Police force as a   homicide detective and his specialty is teaching children "escape techniques". If a child   would not like to actively participate in the self - defense portion of the Life Skills class they may be an observer. *Please attend with   lose fitting clothes** Please note special dress code below.


The Dress Code is Standard for the Life Skills Events:

Girls: Simple, modest dress with nice shoes

Boys: Collared shirt with necktie, nice pants and shoes. (A blazer/suit coat is NOT required

Exception: Self defense night- please wear comfortable clothes-example: sweat pants and tennis shoes, no shorts.